Shadow My Day as a Photographer/Cinematographer at Seer-Productions in Seattle

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Dave Carmocan |
I am a Seattle-based Photographer/Cinematographer and artist.  I like to focus on portrait photography but will also pick up video and graphic design projects.  My hope is to provide imagery with a unique perspective and depth.


7:30 am The Sun Attacks — Sleeping in never came easy to me.  Even when I’ve had a late night or don’t have anything scheduled for my mornings, the sun always pries open my eyelids and hammers at my brain until I give in to get started with my day.

8:00 am The Coffee Ritual — As much as I don’t like to admit it, this is an essential part of my day.  I fire up the coffee maker and grab a big mug of brain fuel before migrating over to the computer to read up on photographer blogs and forums.  I find that this helps me get into the right frame of mind as my mind wakes up.

9:00 am A Productive Spike — By this time, I've already read some articles and exchanged emails with current and potential clients.  Now on my third cup of coffee, I launch Adobe Creative Cloud (in this case, I will be using Photoshop and Lightroom) and work on photo edits from a wedding I photographed last week. I took over a thousand shots so I start by rating the photos and culling the ones that won't make the cut. From there, I start making the initial adjustments before I export them to Photoshop for further fine tuning.

11:40 am Hunger Pangs — I usually try to take a break every hour or so, but I've been so engrossed in the heap of work ahead of me that this has gone ignored until rumblings of hunger begins to grow in my stomach.  With a sigh, I set down my Wacom tablet and stylus. I waltz over to the kitchen to throw something together that will not take too much time so I can get back to the task at hand.

I finally decide on some Soyizo (vegetarian chorizo) and eggs with plenty of hot sauce, along with another cup of coffee to keep the momentum of productivity going.

12:20pm Work on Interview — I settle back in the office now that I have my biological needs taken care of. I decide to switch gears and work on an interview I recorded a few nights ago with a local Seattle artist.  The interview is part of a personal project to highlight underdog artists in order to showcase what inspires them to create. I want to show the people behind the art, their drives and desires, and also to discover the process behind what they create.  I usually include photography or video before posting their interviews in my blog.  This also gives me a chance to practice a lot of the new stuff I've been learning with Adobe Premiere and After Effects

2:30 pm Work on Interview Part 2 — For the video interview I'm editing, I used a single DSLR with an external microphone attached to a tripod.  I ended up getting about 30 min or so of footage that I then to trimmed down to about 10 to 15 minutes.  To do this, I have to closely review the interview in Adobe Premiere in order to cut and arrange the questions that I want to include.  Since this was shot with a single camera, this can be tricky. I need to make sure the cuts are done in a way to keep it from appearing disjointed, while also making sure that the audio levels are consistent throughout the interview.

4:00 pm Workout —During my editing phase, I tend to do a lot of work sitting down so I try to squeeze in workouts when I can.  It’s also helpful for getting a second wind to keep my brain from dissolving into tapioca. Today, I focus on cardio and throw on some metal music.

6:30 pm Wedding Photos Round 2  Finally getting back to the office and feeling refreshed after a quick shower, I get back to work on the wedding photos.  Having finished with the Lightroom portion of my work, I export all of my selected photos to Photoshop for some more fine tuning.  Retouching can be a long and repetitive process so I usually like to throw on an audiobook or podcast while I work.

8:30 pm Brainstorming Session at Revolver Bar — I cut my work short so I can rush over to the Revolver Bar to meet with River, a friend and fellow artist, for some food and drinks while we discuss an art show we are working on creating together.  The idea is to showcase River’s paintings and my photos while I set up a photo booth for some conceptual portraits.  We have a great time over drinks as we brainstorm and write down notes for ideas and props that are needed.  All in all, it was a successful meeting and a much needed break from my day of heavy editing.

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11:00 pm Winding Down — When I finally get back home, I can tell that my brain is winding down, but not quite to the point where I can go to sleep.  To relax and get myself ready for bed, I decide to practice some drawing.  I'm not the best by any means, but it's something that I love and am passionate about so I try to practice any chance I get.  I usually like to use one of my photos for a reference

12:30 am Sleepiness Catches Up — I lose track of time while engrossed in my drawing, but my mind soon comes to a shuddering halt.  With a sigh, I set aside the drawing and set my alarm for the morning.  I have a photoshoot for some head shots tomorrow, but thankfully it's not first thing in the morning. I'm hoping to get a good rest in before the light of the sun wakes me.  

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